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This selection of images contains predominantly Landscape products. Mainly taken in the South Shropshire area
 An autumnal view of Ludlow Castle taken from The Whitcliffe, in Ludlow, Shropshire. 
 Keywords: Ludlow Castle,Whitcliffe, autumn, tree's, landscape, view
Claerwen Valley reservoir 
 A general View of the Claerwen Valley Reservoir, Wales 
 Keywords: Claerwen Valley, Reservoir, landscape, elan valley, brick structure
 A view of Ludlow Castle and Dinham Bridge, looking over the river Teme, Ludlow, Shropshire 
 Keywords: Ludlow Castle, Dinham Bridge, River Teme, landscape, black and white, view
 A view of Ludlow Castle, and Dinham Bridge, over the River Teme, in Ludlow, Shropshire 
 Keywords: Ludlow Castle, Dinham Bridge, River Teme, Landscape, view
DSC 3629 
 A view at Clee Hill of the rocks at the old quarry site. 
 Keywords: clee Hill, old quarry, rocks, clouds, landscape, dark sky
DSC 3672 
 A landscape view from Clee Hill, Ludlow, just before sunset. 
 Keywords: landscape, view, fields, hills, clee hill, clouds, sunset
DSC 3684 
 The old quarry site at Clee Hill, Ludlow, with clouds and skyline. 
 Keywords: clee Hill, Old Quarry, landscape, bricks, fields
DSC 3691 
 The Old Quarry site at Clee Hill 
 Keywords: Old quarry, clee hill, bricks, landscape, structure
DSC 3700 
 A view from glee hill, ludlow, looking towards herefordshire. A juxtaposition of the old quarry industry buildings, and countryside rolling for miles. 
 Keywords: Quarry, industrial, juxtaposition, landscape, clouds, fields, brick, hills, lee hill
Elan Valley 
 A landscape view of the Elan Valley, Wales 
 Keywords: Elan Vally, Lanscape, Valley, hills
Elan Valley Stream 
 A general view of the Elan Valley, Wales 
 Keywords: Elan Valley, lake, river, water, valley, hills, landscape
 A skyline view, with clouds and puddles, the old quarry buildings visible in the distance, taken at Clee Hill 
 Keywords: Clouds, Skyline, horizon, puddles, landscape, clee hill
View towards Herefordshire 
 A landscape view taken from Clee Hill looking over towards herefordshire 
 Keywords: landscape, hills, view, countryside, sky, clouds, lee hill

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