A bit about us......

A bit about us......

A bit about us......

A bit about us......

We're the Musgroves - D&K

We just love doing this 'job', full time, and we love where we currently live, in the pretty market town of Ludlow, in Shropshire. Having spent many years living on the Kent coast, where we raised our family, we're now based back in Kara's home town, along with our awesome, and ever so slightly odd cat, Mouse (there is a story there). Alongside that we have an additional base in Folkestone as we love our South East connection and have family in the town. If we're not photo'ing there's nothing we like more than a walk in the gorgeous Shropshire countryside mud n all, and when we're not editing photos our evenings are usually spent chilled out on the sofa with a glass of JD, binge watching a Netflix series or film. We have an appetite for listening to (and when we get the chance, dancing to-badly) Old School 90s dance music, which is a bit of a disclosure of our age but hey, that means nothing.

Having an internationally published, sports media, photojournalist background, (newspapers, magazine articles and my favourite.....panini stickers!) this has greatly influenced the way we approach shooting the weddings we do. It's given us an edge that tends to appeal to couples where real time moment, candid pictures, are more important to them than awkwardly directed, staged shots. Our less conventional, genuinely documentary style, brings real authenticity to your wedding day photographs.

As a team, we are both photographing throughout the day so we're able to separate to be in two places at once. Not only does this mean that we can get multiple ceremony angles easily without being invasive, but it also means that there's two pairs of eyes seeking out and capturing multiple aspects of your wedding as it happens. This will give you a more comprehensive overview of your, uniquely you, wedding day and how, and with whom, you choose to celebrate it.

Kara, alongside having her camera at the ready to concentrate on different perspectives from my lead role, comes into her own during Bridal Prep. Having a female in the team means that when it comes to those more intimate shots (if this is something you want) during bridal prep, she can oversee the scene and capture those earlier moments of you getting into your dress while I go off to catch up with the boys. It works great!

We're an easy going, what you see is what you get kinda couple who've been together forever, and as a result we make a harmonious, perceptive and unflappable photography team. Its just not our thing to take ownership of your wedding day, just to get the photographs we want from you for our own portfolio. Of course, knowing how a typical wedding day runs is what our years of experience has been founded on, but we never see any of our couples weddings as 'typical' so we'll go into your wedding day without any expectations or preconceptions of what we'll be looking to get from you, If that worries you (and it really shouldn't) then we might not be your best fit photographers.

More often than not our couples don't actually want their wedding day to be all about them on the centre stage. Rather than wanting Vogue editorial style photo coverage, they're simply after a good and honest reflection of their, unique to them, wedding day celebrations through a set of meaningful photos where they're allowed to relax, have fun and enjoy their day with their people.

If you're not wanting to spend time away from your guests for an hour (or more) photo shoot then we're absolutely with you there. You may, possibly, want a few 'newlyweds' photos and we'll have those done and dusted in as short a time as you'd want us to take up with this, but If that's just not you at all then that's totally your call. It'll mean more time for the candid, as it happens photography that we simply revel in. Keep in mind that, other than the legally binding stuff, there are no rules to getting married, and likewise for us there are no rules to wedding photography. A little rebellious perhaps - good! For us its all about delivering great photos that our couples love because they genuinely reflect their true wedding selves, together with giving a professional service as standard, so that's exactly what we do.

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