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Hi, I'm Darren Musgrove, a Photographer based in the picturesque South Shropshire countryside, in the town of Ludlow.

I've been a photographer for the last 10 years or so, and primarily made my way in the Sports side of things. I have worked for local, and non league footy clubs aquiring promotional material for the season ahead, including team photo's and player profile photo's, as well as on going match day images. I also  carry out work for photo agencies attending sporting events (usually football) to take match day photo's to be used in Newspaper reports. I have had work published in the national press, online reports and magazine publications, as well as more local newspapers. This is where I learnt my profession. The mandatory skills required to take images, edit, and wire to newsdesks in a very competative and fast moving industry has given me a skill set that has been invaluable and advantageous to undertake any Wedding Assignment.

My Wedding Photography has  grown over the last 4 years. I really love the whole affair. From my initial contact with potential clients, to saying good night to them after their Wedding day.  Each and every Wedding I have experienced has been it's own event. I am amazed at the variety and diversity of people, and the vision a couple have for their big day. To then be priveledged enough to be given the task and responsibilty of capturing this day in all it's glory is a honour I do not take lightly.

I am also a Drone (UAV) Pilot, and possess a PfCO, and all relevant insurances, which allows me to use the aircraft to give an added dimension to the Weddings I shoot. This is not an add on in any way, but part of the day as your photographer.

Additionaly, with this Permission, I am available to undertake any commercial operations where aerial footage and/or Photography is a requirement.

I have worked closely with local, and national companies on various assignments.

So.....Lets make this happen together.... Contact me today