You are Engaged! So what's next?

April 8, 2022

Boom! Congratulations! However, and wherever the proposal was made we hope it fulfilled your dreams. You are now an engaged couple.

After the dust settles and the brain stops swishing about, you may start to have more questions than you'd envisaged start creeping in....mainly about what happens next. Well.....for a start take it easy. This is a marathon not a sprint. Enjoy the new period in your lives of being engaged. Celebrate it, enjoy it with as many people as you want to and absorb all that it means, and all that comes with it! A deep breath......and enjoy!

Later, somewhere in the not too distant future you can turn your mind to planning a wedding. Remember, it can be a lengthy process but should definitely be an experience that you both get on board with. There is no time limit so plod at a pace to suit you both.

You may be overwhelmed with the timings of it all. Who do you tell? Are you or should you have an engagement party? What is the first planning task you should deal with? These are but a few of the early questions that you might be dealing with.

Rest assured though, we have some answers for the newly engaged couple and we'll try to break down a bit of what to do next.

Maybe an obvious one, but Break the News! Share it with everyone. Those that will say about time, and those that will be amazed, it will be wonderful news for your nearest and dearest to be hearing. Whether it's an Instagram announcement, or a Facebook post before the ring has reached your finger, or whether you take a much more relaxed, and timely manner to deliver your news, just be sure to let everyone know. Top Tip: Tell your very nearest and dearest before you take to social media. Once your parents, or closest confidant is in the loop, update that relationship status to 'Engaged'.

Enjoy being Engaged. Seriously, once you have shared the news to all, remember it is about you two. So take the time to enjoy each other at this milestone in your lives together. Chill a bit with each other, spoil yourselves. Top Tip: Don't jump straight into planning your wedding, just enjoy being engaged for a little while. Maybe a party, or even an engagement photo session to celebrate and announce further with some fab photos.

Alternatively, if a short engagement is your plan and you are seeing the wedding planning as a next stage then maybe you don't want to leave it too long. If it's right for you both, then crack on with some planning activities. Top Tip: You now have an expensive item of jewellery on your finger. It might be worth getting some insurance on that rock.

It's time to get organised! Once you are both on the same page with your planning a suggestion is to get an organiser of some description so that you can keep everything in one place. There will be a lot of odds and ends coming your way over the coming months, so keep things together and in order (ish).

What kind of wedding are you looking for? Something a bit more formal? or maybe a more relaxed outdoor a field? Or traditional Church wedding? If you find that too hard to get your head around, start to have a look at the people that will be at your wedding. By that I mean the big players of your day, those that will be part of it without invitation. Do these types like a good knees up? Or are they (and you) more comfortable at smaller more intimate gatherings. Top Tip: Plan a wedding that represents you and not what the expectation of a wedding is for others.

When it comes to planning a wedding, the internet is your best friend. You will find all that you require on there....somewhere. Pinterest and Instagram are also very good places for inspiration and ideas. Start to follow those that catch your eye, or that you like the sound of. You can make your own mood or ideas board. This can come in handy when you meet up with suppliers further down the line, when it comes to recreating a mood or atmosphere that you want to create for your day.

What about YOU? What have you always dreamt about when it comes to your own wedding day? Was a hog roast high on the priority list? Maybe arriving by horse and carriage, or being sped away in a super car at the end of it all. Whatever you have always visualised and had your heart set on, then you should have it.....just for this day. Top Tip: If you have a budget, find wiggle room for the more important things by making savings elsewhere. (except photography, this is important)

Wedding Fayers are a massive source of reference. Get together with a few of your besties (bridesmaids to be ,mum} and visit a few Fayers for inspiration and reference. You can compare many of the same thing. Cake maker, dress maker, photographer, stationary.....the list goes on. Collect business cards and collate what you like and don't like. Add your favourite suppliers to your wedding organiser thus whittling down to your must haves.

So you now have a date planned in. It's time to start compiling a list of tasks that need completing. Have some down time with your fiancé and go through the plans. Get things done in stages so as not to get too overwhelmed. Top Tip: Don't let the planning take over Friday date night. You are still both important to each other, keep time for you. If you set aside a specific time of the week for wedding planning you'll get so much more done, as opposed to getting things done whenever.

You both need to be involved. Get a list put together of what each of you is going to be in charge of. This way, you are both involved at all stages of the planning. Be sure to keep communication with each other as to progress being made, you don't want to book more than one caterer for the day, or have two quartets playing throughout the afternoon. As the bride to be, you may have a more definite idea as to what specific flowers need to be a part of your day. So take this task on. You fiancé may have a better idea as to what band or DJ will keep people interested in the dancefloor all night, so pass this one onto them. Likewise, deal with other things together. what wedding rings will best suit you both? Colour coordinating with bouquets and suit ties? The venue? Where do you both want this all to happen? Have tasks that you can complete together and you'll soon breeze through the planning stages.

If the going gets tough....take a break from things. It can wait. Take the time to regroup as a couple and then get excited about the day again. You will pick up from where you left off with a bit more vigour.

When all boxes are ticked, it'd time to count down the days and tick them off one by one.

Top Tip: If you are planning a wedding that is a year or two away, lock in your suppliers at their current prices with deposits. Check their T&C's for refund conditions in case of the unforeseen happening.

Book your photographer and take them for a test drive. By that, you can have a pre wedding photo session with them to make sure you like them enough to have them hanging out with you all day.

We will always include a pre wedding photo session with our all day options. If you like what you've read, and you're keen to tie something down, make your inquiry today and book your Shropshire wedding photographer and their relaxed wedding photography style without waiting. Not in Shropshire? Well never fear, we will travel far and near! Seriously though, we photograph weddings from West Wales down to South East Kent so let us know what plans you have.

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