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The Marriage Ceremony itself is the most important part of your wedding day, although its the part which many couples are keen to get out of the way and where their guests are preoccupied by the thought of all the food and bubbles to come. The photographs I take during this time will be the most moving and emotive images I take. My aim is to be as unobtrusive as possible and to provide you with photographs that make you cry (or laugh, hopefully both) and capture that all important kiss. I always make at least one visit to your Wedding Ceremony/Reception venue before your big day especially if it's a new venue for me. This enables me to be familiar with its general layout, lighting and to consider the best locations to shoot from. I will liase with your wedding planner (if you have one, wedding venue's generally provide a specific person to liase with you up to and throughout your day itself) to make sure I have a thorough understanding of how they run their ceremonies and any specifics.

Church Ceremony: If you have chosen a church ceremony then it is often helpful to talk with the vicar/priest well in advance about photos, confirming with them where your photographs can be taken, particularly whether photographs are permitted inside the church itself during the service.  Give my details to your vicar, and vice versa, we will want to contact each other to discuss the wedding and it would be helpful if, as your photographer, that I come to the rehearsal so that I can assess the lighting inside the church and understand where best to site myself during the ceremony to be most effective.

Unplugged Ceremony: While some couples encourage their friends and family to snap away throughout the day (they’re even signing up for apps that make it easier to compile everyone’s photos in one place), others are asking their guests to shut off their camera phones for the day. There are strong arguments on both sides — there’s something very special about seeing your wedding day unfold from your guests’ perspectives, but photographers have noted that “guest photographers” often compromise the professional pictures that you are paying good money for and this is especially important during the ceremony. From my stand point its your day and whether you decide to ask your gusest to refrain from taking pictures during the ceremony or not is completely your call. Just remember that if Uncle Bob decides to jump in front of me just as you have your first kiss, that moment is gone - forever.

Confetti Shot: Love, love, love a confetti shot OR three.  Having wedding confetti thrown over you both as you emerge from your wedding ceremony as a newly married couple is a wonderful visual treat for all your guests and confetti throwing make some of the most romantic and colourful wedding photographs that I take - they're keepers. Check with your chosen ceremony venue that they permit the use of confetti, some allow any material confetti including the large foil variety, others biodegradable only such as natural flower petals or tissue paper while there are some that forbid its use entirely, which is a little sad from my point of view.

If you have any more questions concerning the photographing of your Ceremony then please feel free to contact me.