Dalma & Ben - Wilderhope Manor - Much Wenlock - uk

June 11, 2022

Dalma & Ben proved that a wedding can be exactly what you want it to be. The venue was the secluded Wilderhope Manor, a functioning YHA but exclusively theirs for the duration. An 'all hands on deck' approach as they provided the catering where their guests mucked in to get things ready and tables full with their vegetarian food. There were no wedding suppliers involved in this wedding, except for the photographer. The immensely family orientated, child friendly wedding day concluded before the sunset, and that was after the charity plant auction which created an hour of fun. No booming music, no flashing lights and no late bar. They carefully selected their wedding photographer in Shropshire and we fitted their vision. Especially as it was a more alternative approach to your typical wedding day- something we're very much accustomed to, and also being a more family orientated wedding celebration our experience and connections with the little ones helped us immensely in obtaining the photos for this important aspect of their day. Natural, alternative and candid family wedding photography, just the way we like to do it.

Things to note.... Flowers were from their garden that morning. Dress was pre-loved and costing less that £200. Shoes were her favoured DM's. Catering labour was 'all hands on deck' and many other cost saving actions. The important thing to them was the right photos and a family wedding photographer for the job. This is the one area they chose to leave to the professionals. This is one wedding that proved you can do as much as you want, on your own. No unnecessary suppliers. No expensive venue. No cake, no table dressers, no DJ, no large lighting, no large letters, no unnecessary flowers, no expensive dress or shoes. But still a meaningful, fun and memorable day with all those that mean the most.

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