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You're engaged!

While you’re probably busy planning everything for the big day it can be easy to overlook this equally exciting stage in your lives - being engaged! It’s a time of anticipation, love and jubilance, so why not celebrate with an engagement photo shoot!

Unlike your wedding day, when you are surrounded by friends and family, an engagement shoot is all about you as a couple. The shoot is slow paced and allows you to really soak in the atmosphere while the excitement from the proposal is still fresh and visions of your future together are at the forefront of your mind. Whether you’re camera shy or photogenic an engagement shoot is also a great opportunity to boost your confidence and get you both comfortable  in front of the camera. The idea of having a stranger following you around with a camera clicking away can be daunting so it’s great to get any initial awkwardness or anxiety out of the way beforehand and to see how we work together, actually liking your photographer is pretty damn important.  An Engagement shoot allows me to get to know you both a little better, to see how you interact with each other and to learn a little bit about you. This is a great time for me to hear your love story and to chat about your wedding plans and equally  you’ll be able to communicate your vision, what you like and don’t like, as well as any preferences you may have for angles, expressions, lighting, and editing styles, allowing me to tailor the photos and experience to suit you and your special day. You can choose where to have your shoot - a place that is special to you both is always a good option OR we can come up with a spot that is fitting and convenient for us to get together and have some fun.

 When you book  me for a full day Wedding photography service, an Engagement Shoot (or Pre Wedding Couple shoot) is offered at no extra cost. I do however offer a stand alone Engagement shoot without initially booking me for your wedding photography as often couples get Engaged many months or even years before they actually commit to a date for their wedding and an engagement shoot is a wonderful way to mark this monumental beginning to your adventure together. The cost of a stand alone Engagement shoot is £120 and if, at a later date, (after seeing your gorgeous Engagement photographs and of course providing your date is still available) you decide to actually book me to shoot your wedding day then this amount will be deducted from the cost of a full day package .  For more details and to start your journey   Contact me here.

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